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September 20 , 2021

Biden Could Get the Railroads Back on Track

Wall Street Journal 
September 16, 2021 (US) 

Reciprocal switching can be a win for both railroads and shippers.

“Regulator Tackles Competition on Rails” (U.S. News, Sept. 3) provides a solid account of the U.S. Surface Transportation Board’s efforts to tackle freight-rail issues and employ a remedy called reciprocal switching.

As a former chairman of the STB, I learned the depth of the issues resulting from the STB’s regulation of the freight-rail industry. Over time, I realized shippers had a compelling case for updating STB policies and creating a more competitive environment. The STB issued a proposed rule more than five years ago that would allow a shipper served by a single railroad to use switching to access a second railroad. The proposal has been stuck in limbo until President Biden’s recent executive order.


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