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October 04 , 2021

Four northern trains suspended after flooding

Bangkok Post 
3 October 2021 (Thailand)

Four Bangkok-Chiang Mai trains have been suspended and routes of eight other trains on the northern line restricted after the rail tracks between Ban Mo and Nong Don stations in Saraburi were flooded, State Railway of Thailand (SRT) governor Nirut Maneephan said.

The service suspensions and curtailments took effect from Oct 2 until further notice.

The four suspended round-trip trains are:

- Special express trains Nos 9/10 (Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok); 
- Special express trains Nos 7/8 (Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Bangkok).

The routes of eight other trains have been shortened:

- Urban trains Nos 301/302 (Bangkok-Lop Buri-Bangkok) have been restricted to Bangkok-Ban Mo-Bangkok;
- Rapid train No 109 (Bangkok-Chiang Mai) to Lop Buri-Chiang Mai;
- Rapid train No 102 (Chiang Mai-Bang Sue) to Chiang Mai-Lop Buri;
- Ordinary trains Nos 201/202 (Bangkok-Phitsanulok-Bangkok) to Lop Buri-Phitsanulok-Lop Buri;
- Ordinary trains Nos 211/212 (Bangkok-Taphanhin-Bangkok) to Lop Buri-Taphanhin-Lop Buri.

Mr Nirut said the rail tracks between kilometres 113/5-116/1 in Saraburi were on Saturday about 25 centimetres under water, the tracks and the traffic signal system had been damaged, and the water level was rising, forcing the service suspensions and restrictions.

Affected passengers can seek refunds at all ralways stations nationwide or call the SRT's public relations centre at hotline number 1690 for more information, he said.


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