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November 23 , 2021

The Times view on HS2 and the new rail plan: Broken Promises

The Times 
November 18, 2021 (UK)

Whatever the merits of the government’s new integrated rail plan, Boris Johnson’s U-turn on HS2 is the latest in a series of failures to deliver on election pledges

When you spend £96 billion, you expect to get something for it. Grant Shapps may be right that the government’s new integrated rail plan announced today will bring faster rail travel in shorter order to many parts of the Midlands and north of England than under the previous plan. The transport secretary insists the combination of three new stretches of high-speed rail lines, between Birmingham and Nottingham, Manchester and Warrington and Crewe and Manchester, plus 180 miles of electrification and other upgrades, will significantly shorten some journey times. London to Manchester, for example, will fall from 126 minutes to 71 while Birmingham to Nottingham will drop from 74 minutes to 26.


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