Weldable Railroad Rail Track Clamps for Railway Maintenance

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Rail Clamps

Emercency rail clamps for fast, easy and reliable repair of rail damages or cracks and for easy rail mounting. Our clamps for train speed up to 160 km/h. This clamps can be used in long terms without maintenance. Universal used for a multitude of rails, like: UIC60, UIC54, S54, S49,SB BIII, SB BIV, SBBVI, AREA136RE and many others. The clamps fit profile with maximum 160mm rail foot. Tighten screw to 580Nm. Theft protection: To protect your track from theft and vandalism. If you have the theft protected version of clamp, secure spindle lock on spindle with padlock. (All delivered padlocks have the same key.) Wrench openings:Your system will be our standard.
Product name
Rail clamp
Applicable rail type
43/50/60 rail
Locking torque
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Packing & Delivery

PE bag+pe foam+paper carton box ,inside with a fabric bag for free
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Xiangyang Lianjie Mechanical&Electrical Co.,Ltd established in 2013,We are the leading manufacturer of the geometry measurement systems for railway which are being used all over the world and also we are the only approved organisation to be accredited by all the user Railways across the world for the supply of these coupler.The Couplers are manufactured keeping in view the stringent quality requirement and with utmost care and dedication to suit the requirements of our esteemed buyers all over the world .