Video Surveillance Server/NVR

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â‘ . the video monitoring system can be real-time collection and storage of images of the public area in the carriage of this car, storage time of not less than 30 days.
â‘¡. The system adopts a universal video format. It automatically stores a file every 10min. The screen is marked with train number, camera position number, time, and date—adjacent files of video continuous uninterrupted, per the principle of chronological first-in-first-out cyclic coverage.
â‘¢. When the power is disconnected, ensure that the system is expected to shut down to ensure the integrity of the stored data.
â‘£. the video recording of data has measures to prevent data tampering.
⑤. When the authorized device is connected to the video surveillance server, the display interface in automatic mode in the form of four split screens automatically takes turns to display the monitoring screen of the train, two screens per train. When the number of cameras is less than two screens, the second quad-screen extra blank partition displays the text "blank here." When the camera fails to show a black screen, at the same time should display the fault indication. In manual mode, you can select a live camera screen of the train; this time, the camera screen full-screen display.


(1).Set up one RJ45 interface for display, inquiry, and download of authorized external devices.

(2).Software screen corresponds to the camera: screen 1 corresponds to the camera of one corner through the station; screen 2 corresponds to the camera of two corners through the station; screen 3 corresponds to the camera of one end of the guest room; screen 4 corresponds to the camera of two lots of the guest room; screen 5 corresponds to the camera of three corners through the station; screen 6 corresponds to the camera of four corners through the station.

(3).The video surveillance server is equipped with an 8-way Ethernet interface in DB9 for communication between the camera and the video surveillance server. Other interfaces use cage spring terminals.

(4).The video surveillance server adopts a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk. The hard disk bracket adopts anti-vibration technology, which can effectively reduce the damage to the hard disk when reading and writing from the car body vibration. Storage data frame rate of 10 frames/second, screenshot clarity of 720 × 576, each video surveillance server stores a total capacity of not less than 30 days of data. Hard disk configuration is not less than "the number of hard disks with a 1TB 2pc / train". Set the storage module to install the hard disk fixed and protection.

(5).The disassembly and installation of the storage module should be convenient and have anti-theft measures. It is appropriate to use anti-misplaced quick connectors and meet the 600 times trouble-free plugging requirements. The hard disk should not be damaged when the system is plugged or unplugged when the power is on.

(6).DC24V power supply for the camera, with a power fluctuation range: DC24±1V. Power supply capacity ≮60W. Total input power of the server: ≯ 150W.

(7).The video monitoring server is equipped with M5×25 GB/T5783-2000 grounding bolts and a complete set of M5 stainless steel fasteners, all made of stainless steel. And there are apparent grounding markings.


Price: $500

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