Railfactor- an exclusive online platform for the railway industry, is on a mission to bring all rail professionals across the globe under one umbrella and attract more talents to the Industry.The one-stop hub will unite industry professionals and enable them to share their unique expertise and knowledge and would equip any national to work anywhere in the world. The platform is designed to share the latest rail-related news, uncover new job opportunities, and allow professional and business development.

Railfactor is conceptualized and founded by Mr. Deepu Dharmarajan, a technocrat with over 22 years of expertise in Railway Signalling and most modern communication based driverless solution. He is passionate on sustainable mode of Rail transportation and an advocate for mass transit system to address global warming. This project has been supported by his friends and rail enthusiasts, led by Mr.T.V Jyoti.RailFactor is open to rail enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience, from students and those aspiring to join the rail industry to seasoned professionals hoping to transfer their knowledge.

Railfactor seeks to connect experts who will host training sessions on the latest technology, real-time layouts, and data with a captive audience dedicated to the continued development of our worldwide rail systems.RailFactor is also providing a Career portal in a bid to bring together worldwide job vacancies within the sector, making it easier for young professionals to find the perfect role to further their careers.

Some of the Key features of this global platform are
  • Online profile for individuals to show case their career credentials
  • Online profile for companies to list their products & services, Technical Specification /Data sheet, Jobs, Press release, and articles
  • Optional railway product sale
  • Option for users to read and write rail related informative articles, news, media for interview with reputable personals.
  • Online mailing and discussion with like-minded professionals
  • Down the road plan for Online Training
  • Tenders listing and online submissions
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Rail factor also has a long-term vision to make it as a one stop place for railways and insurance for railway professionals.