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Expand Light Engineering and Construction Private Limited is one of the former and finest India based railway service contractors. Till the date we completed various projects for railway services included with eastern, southern, frontier railways. Our group has created a prestigious position by delivering quality terms and best competitive work through outstanding project management skills for Indian Rail Service. Offering complete end to end railway services. Our major services for railway is included with taking over all railways contracts related to operation, maintenance, improving railways track laying etc. With our accomplished railway work we are concentrating and largely working on: Railways track laying services, we avails right track formation , concerns to drainage, preparation of land, ballast process, sleepers made with concrete, offloading of rails, tamping, and finishing work. Complete new track formation. Gauge conversion for railways, earth works which are integral part of complete railway services. Railway track laying operation and maintenance requires efficient persons and machineries. We help you with efficient methodology and work accuracy. Railways construction projects as of platforms, sheds, railway siding, electrifications, signalling, telecommunications, pavements road works. Supply required materials for P way, overhead electrification materials etc. New railways contracts for renovations and construction services for bridge sleepers, Rails etc. New contracts for restructuring /up gradation for railway yards, platforms and sidings etc. Regular maintenance of railway tracks and operations - including deep screening, complete track renewals (CTR) work, De-stressing for LWR, T.S.R. etc. Detailed engineering work, included with process of equipments rotating, instrumentations, electrical facilities, piping, civil works, and pressure vessels, commissionaires. Preliminary engineering where we performs surveys for site, detailed research based on topography, local factors. Making provision for bridges, freight corridors, railway crossing, railway siding and all relevant works the respective functions. Track and rail maintenance: After understanding complete track geometry, takes over railways maintenance work based on annual, monthly basis for railway siding, bridging, track renewal etc. Our track renewal process is involved with De stressing of LWR, turnout renewal, realignment of curve insertion of diamond crossing, welding of railway joints, manual deep screening. Operation and maintenance (O&M) work for Indian railway services. Material supply for P way, overhead electrification materials etc. We are very active and updated with all latest market progress, thus we gives the best solution to all railway projects. Full of strength, capacity, proper management system and quality to offer work done with speed.

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Expand Light Engineering and Construction Private Limited

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