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FASSER is a Brazilian group that advises companies and governments to develop better strategies, new businesses, and partnerships, as well as provides systems engineering services in Brazil for clients who need technical, creative, and tailor-made solutions. We are a young group with modern processes that follows a centenary family tradition of contributing to the development of the country, stimulating and developing business, opportunities, and strategic partnerships, bringing to Brazil or exporting to the world, know-how and unprecedented technologies, always stimulating and fostering its integration into the national scenario, with several local productions carried out under license or in partnership with its developers, often gaining specific characteristics to meet local technical and cultural needs, always with ethics and ESG attitudes. We advise companies and executives with global ambitions in their processes of expansion, consolidation, and maturation of the market, from all stages of the investigation, development of consciousness, and market awareness, to the constitution of their local unit. Our technical teams are specialized in various digital, electrical, electronic, and electromechanical systems and are accustomed to performing technical services in controlled environments and restricted schedules with excellence and safety. Visit our website and learn how much more we can do together!

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