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September 20 , 2021

3 Railroad Stocks to Watch as Industry Continues to Recover

Yahoo Finance 
September 16, 2021 (US)

When coronavirus gripped the United States last year, economic activities took a hit, which in turn, affected the railroad industry. However, following the gradual easing of restrictions, railroads began to stage a comeback and are continuing their recovery. Per a report by the Association of American Railroads published on Sep 15, for the first 36 weeks of 2021, the total combined U.S. rail traffic increased 10% from last year.

The report further stated that for the first 36 weeks of 2021, the cumulative volume of U.S. railroads rose 8.2% year over year while intermodal volumes increased 11.5% from last year. In fact, total North American rail volume, including carloads and intermodal units, increased 8.9% during the first 36 weeks of this year.

Per another report by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, North American transborder freight via railways in June 2021, increased 45.5% year over year. It’s also interesting to note that this marked an increase of 3.4% from the pre-pandemic levels witnessed in June 2019.

The widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccines has been instrumental in fueling the recovery in the U.S. railroad industry. In recent times, however, the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant has sparked concerns about a potential slowdown in economic recovery.

But recent data can be regarded as a silver lining with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) reporting on Sep 10 that the current seven-day moving average of daily new coronavirus cases declined 12.7% from the previous seven-day moving average. Another positive is that 54.1% of the total U.S. population has been fully vaccinated, per the latest report by the CDC as of Sep 15.

Such positive developments should continue to fuel the recovery in railroads. Besides, President Joe Biden’s proposed infrastructure plan will also look to overhaul the railway infrastructure in the country. The bill consists of $66 billion spending for passenger and freight rail, as mentioned in a CNN Business article. Reflective of these positives, IBISWorld expects the U.S. rail transportation market to grow 9.8% this year.


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