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November 03 , 2021

Bagpipes, soccer louts and zombies: all aboard the climate train

Australian Financial Review 
October 31, 2021 (Glasgow, Scotland)

A rail trip from London to Glasgow for COP26 had a lot more colour than just green, as our correspondent inadvertently discovers.

When I booked my transport to head up to Glasgow for COP26, I just picked out the train that seemed the most convenient: the 1.30pm from London Euston on Saturday, for a breezy 4½-hour trip that would rock in just in time for dinner.

As it turned out, though, this wasn’t just any old train. The 1.30pm from Euston was part of The Climate Train: it had been picked out by Youth for Sustainable Travel, a Dutch campaign group, as an official service of “Rail to the COP”, an itinerary for young activists to travel together from as far afield as Amsterdam.


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