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September 10 , 2021

Hitachi train cracks due to fatigue and corrosion, report says

9 September 2021 (UK)

182 Hitachi trains were withdrawn from service due to cracks

Cracking that led to high-speed trains being withdrawn from service was down to fatigue and stress corrosion, a government report has found.

Around 180 Hitachi trains were taken out of service after cracks were found on trains used by Great Western Railway (GWR) and London North Eastern Railway (LNER).

The Office of Rail and Road came to the finding in an interim review.

A full report to find the "root cause" of the cracking will come in December.

In May, the withdrawing of the trains led to delays and cancellations for travellers.

The ORR report said the cracks found in the Hitachi Class 800 and 385 series lifting plates were the result of stress corrosion, and cracks in shock absorbers called yaw dampers were a result of fatigue.

GWR previously said the hairline cracks were "in areas where the suspension system attaches to the vehicle body on two trains".

ORR's report added the industry moved quickly to withdraw the trains once the problem was identified, and trains that were able to return to service have performed as expected with no unsafe conditions or harm arising from cracking.


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