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October 29 , 2021

Inner West light rail services suspended after cracks discovered in trams

The Sydney Morning Herald 
October 28, 2021 (Sydney)

Sydney’s Inner West light rail service has been suspended for several days amid safety concerns after cracks were discovered in several trams.

Buses are set to replace trams along the entire L1 Dulwich Hill Line until Sunday, according to a Transport for NSW alert, while staff were told “minor cracking to welding on a limited number of vehicles” was the reason for the suspension.

“We do not believe that the identified cracks pose an immediate threat or major risk to the network,” the memo, seen by the Herald, said.

“As a precaution we will be suspending all services on the line while more detailed inspections take place.”


The cracks were found during a routine maintenance inspection, according to the memo.

A spokesman for Transdev, the private operator of the light rail network, confirmed a mechanical fault had been found on the vehicles during recent inspections.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue and thank customers for their patience during this time,” the spokesman said, adding the fault posed little risk.

“Buses are replacing light rail services on the L1 Dulwich Hill Line. Extra customer service staff are on hand to advise passengers of the service disruptions and guide them to replacement buses. We have made the decision to suspend services on the line while more detailed inspections are undertaken by the maintenance teams.”

Opposition transport spokeswoman Jo Haylen criticised the government’s overseas procurement of public transport assets.

“Once again, the NSW government’s overseas built transport infrastructure has broken down and failed passengers, leading to safety issues and delays across the light rail network,” she said.

“Years of poor purchasing decisions by the NSW government means new trains don’t fit the tracks and new ferries can’t operate at night. Now we’ve got light rail carriages that are cracked.”


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