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November 16 , 2021

Red wall commuters to get rail revolution

The Times 
November 14, 2021 (UK)

High-speed lines and upgrades will cut journey times between cities in the Midlands and the north in ‘levelling up’

Nearly £100 billion will be spent on England’s railways outside London, including the construction of three new high-speed lines that will cut journey times in half.

The investment, due to be announced later this week, is intended to make good on Boris Johnson’s “levelling-up” pledge — despite confirmation that the 120-mile eastern leg of HS2 from Birmingham to Leeds will be scrapped.

Rather than focusing on quicker links from northern England to the capital, a 20-year programme of new lines and upgrades will halve journey times between cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.


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