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September 21 , 2021

State-owned Namibian rail operator to cut a quarter of workforce

September 20, 2021 (Namibia)

WINDHOEK, Sept 20 (Reuters) - State-owned Namibian rail operator TransNamib will cut roughly a quarter of its 1,309 workers in a bid to cut costs amid a slowdown in business, the company's CEO said in a letter seen by Reuters.

In a letter to the public enterprises minister, Leon Jooste, TransNamib CEO Johny Smith said the company wanted to make 340 employees redundant, including 154 nearing retirement. Another 186 employees in "non-core business units" have also been targeted for voluntary redundancy.

The non-core business units include the former road operations, vehicle maintenance, service delivery and terminals section.

"Most of these employees are therefore currently being carried by the company in redundant capacities and can be considered excess to requirements to the core business which is train operations, properties and engineering together with supporting services," Smith said.


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