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November 12 , 2021

Suspended Metro trains are rolling through the transit system, but it’s only a test

Washington Post 
November 8, 2021 (US)

Two of the 7000-series trains will run empty as the agency tries to get the series reinstated.

Metro riders saw a familiar sight Monday as a pair of 7000-series trains made their way through the system during service hours for the first time since Oct. 17, when the series was sidelined for a safety issue that has caused a severe train shortage.

The trains are stopping at stations but not picking up passengers, part of a test to get all 748 of the series’ cars reinstated.

Train doors are marked with stickers that say, “No passengers, test train.” Inside, heavy boxes sit in rail car aisles meant to simulate the weight of passengers. Metro officials have indicated testing could run about two weeks. If successful, the data will be part of a plan that transit officials will submit to the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission to request reinstatement of a series that makes up about 60 percent of Metro’s fleet.

When that could happen, however, isn’t known.

“We haven’t put a time frame on any of this,” Metro spokeswoman Kristie Swink Benson said. “Again, it’s about safety. It’s about doing this right.”


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