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InfraStrat is building the bridge between Cybersecurity and an ever more digital and automated Operational Technology.
Especially critical infrastructure of utilities, of production, of transport as well as the finance industry is vulnerable to a constantly growing cyber threat and increasingly damaging ransomware attacks. OT-Cybersecurity differs from IT-Cybersecurity: OT Cybersecurity is not only part of IT but it is part of your industrial system and as such it is part of the system requirements, part of safety, part of system integration, of project management, and of the asset management of your organisation. There are separate regulations and best practices for OT Cybersecurity like the European NIS directive, NIST800, IEC62443 (and its rail implementation CENELEC prTS 50701), IEC 62402 (Obsolescence), ISO 22301 (BCM), ISO 27000/28000 for enterprise risk and processes, SOC2, ISO 55000 (Asset Management), etc.
OT Cybersecurity requires a distinct orchestration within system development apart from the Engineering Systems Integration. It evolves its own security operation next to and in close coordination to the running, controlling, maintaining and up-dating of the industrial systems it is protecting.
InfraStrat together with leading cyber technology partners from Israel is ready to support you on strategy, solutions and state-of-the-art products for your OT Cybersecurity.