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September 29 , 2021

5 World’s most dangerous train routes, know how adventurous these are

Kalinga TV 
September 27, 2021

(Photo: Chennai – Rameswaram Route, India)

Most people like to travel through trains, it is both time and cost-effective. Many of us also like to capture the beauty of the nature that passes by throughout our travel. Scenic views, rivers, mountains, forests, food onboard, great time with family, friends, or other passengers, and a lot more we can think of- are possible during a train journey.

However, certain railway tracks in the world can take our rail journey up a notch and leave you spellbound. Read more to know about these world’s most dangerous train routes.

Cape Town Railway Track, South Africa

There is a railway track in South Africa, that is popularly known for being stopped for loot and vandalism. Often the incidents of robbery and harm reportedly comes in news from Cape Town railway track. Each day, some of trains are also cancelled due to these dangerous event.

Chennai – Rameswaram Route, India

The Chennai – Rameswaram connecting railway track in India, is considered as one of the most dangerous and adventurous railway route in the world. This route is also known as ‘Pawan Bridge’. This bridge is located above the Indian ocean, and is about 2.3 kms long.

Initiated at 1914, this route gets even more dangerous when the water level of the sea rises.

Salta-Polvorilla, Argentina

Situated in Argentina, Salta-Polvorilla is one of the most dangerous railway routes in the world. The construction of the railway started in 1921, to connect the North of Argentina with Chile across the Andes, and to serve the borax mines of the area.

This 217 km long railway track is not only dangerous but also adventurous. It took 27 years to complete this track, and from 1948 the trains started running on it. This train route consists of 29 bridges and 21 tunnels.

Japan Aso Minami Route

Aso Minami Route in Japan is one of the world’s most dangerous railroads owing to its proximity to Mount Aso – the nation’s biggest active volcano – passes through the region of Kumamoto, connecting Takamori to Tateno Station in Minamiaso. A beautiful adventure within the cusp of nature can be experienced while journeying in the Japan trains that crosses through this path.

In this route, the trains takes an inclination of about 300 foot high, which itself is quite an experience. As dangerous as it seems, people with the spirit of adventure won’t go home disappointing.

Devil’s Nose train Ecuador

Located 9000 feet above the sea level, this railway track’s construction was completed 33 years ago. A hair-raising trip down the rocky slopes of the Andes through some of Ecuador’s most breathtaking scenery, the so called “Devil’s nose” is an impressive section of the entire route.


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