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3 weeks ago

Anita is succeeding in the "Wright" way

05 September 2023 (UK)

TransPennine Express (TPE) is honouring the accomplishment of one of its coworkers who underwent a fascinating career transition.

Anita Wright, 50, formerly worked with East Midlands Rail as driver and driver management before joining TPE in October 2022 as licenced driver.

Anita is now moving careers and working as an operations development manager.

Anita said: “It’s wonderful to see a good number of women who now work within the rail industry, especially within traditionally male dominated roles such as train drivers.

“Diversity, inclusion, and fun is part of the culture at TPE, and I truly feel like every career opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of their gender. After 14 years as a driver and driver instructor, and 10 years as a driver manager, I decided I was ready to take on a new challenge and after encouragement from my peers, perused a new role within the operations team.

“As Operations Development Manager I support the development of our drivers, conductors and traincrew management team. I’m really excited to get stuck into this new challenge.”


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