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September 09 , 2021

China’s CRRC approved to pilot integrated system R&D for maglev trains with speed of 200km/h, 600km/h

Global Times 
Aug 27, 2021 (China)

China's Ministry of Transportation (MOT) has approved the state-owned CRRC Corporation, the world's largest rail transit equipment supplier, to pilot technological research and development (R&D) of integrated system for medium-speed maglev train with a speed of 200 kilometers an hour and high-speed maglev train with a speed of 600 kilometers an hour, according to a statement on the ministry's website on Friday.

CRRC will beef up R&D efforts in developing an integrated system for controlling, pulling, "floating" and guiding the maglev train, while also researching key technologies involving composite material, light-weighted train coach design as well as experiment and evaluation technique. The group will develop the prototype for medium and high-speed maglev trains.

The approval is part of China's efforts to build itself into a global leader for advanced transportation.  

Under the plan, the prototype for maglev train's integrated system is expected to be completed within one or two years, and technological breakthroughs on the experiment of key sub-systems will also be completed over this timeframe. The group will also set up a technological platform for integrating and coordinating the maglev train technology in a preliminary stage within the time frame.

Over the next three to five years, core technologies and relevant standards on the design and manufacturing of maglev train are expected to be formulated. The comprehensive evaluation and joint test on medium- and high-speed maglev train system should also be basically completed. 

Along the way, China's independent ability to develop maglev train system and equipment will continue improving, with a full domestically-developed industrial supply chain basically being formed and a workforce of international talent team being built up. 

In addition to the R&D into medium- and high-speed maglev train and engineering application, MOT also approved a series of other tests to be piloted by CRRC, including the R&D into green intelligent transportation equipment, technological research of new energy vehicle and technological solution for high-speed train and intelligent high-speed trains with top speeds of 400 kilometers an hour.  

In July, China unveiled the world's fastest maglev train, with a maximum speed of 600 kilometers an hour, in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province. 



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