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June 24 , 2022

CAF has been awarded a €250 million contract by Etihad rail for passenger trains in the UAE.

RailFactor Exclusive
23 June 2022 (UAE)

Etihad Rail will get Push-Pull passenger trains from CAF.

The United Arab Emirates' state-owned company, Etihad Rail which develops, manages, and operates the nation's railway network has signed a €250 million contract with Spanish company CAF to design, supply, and maintain a fleet of push-pull passenger trainsets designed to European standards and outfitted with the latest cutting-edge technologies that are appropriate for the UAE's topography and climate conditions.

This new contract, together with other recent successes achieved by the CAF Group as a supplier of state-of-the-art, safe and efficient transport solutions stands out in good standing to take part in the numerous plans already underway. This will help to build the infrastructure network that will connect the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council over the next few years faster and smarter, thereby further consolidating their common goals for economic and social development.

Picture Courtesy:www.caf.net

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