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2 weeks ago

Repair work continues on landslide-hit track in Bogor

The Jakarta Post
16 March 2023 (Indonesia)

State-owned railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) is continuing repair work on a section of a train track that was left hanging in mid-air after a landslide in Empang subdistrict, Bogor,
West Java, on Tuesday. A 25 meter section of the track has been hanging above an 8 m deep, 5.7 m wide gap.
The track normally conveys the Pangrango train connecting Sukabumi and Bogor, which normally makes six trips a day.

“We are doing several stages of repair work, prioritizing safety,” KAI spokesperson Eva Chairunnisa said on Thursday.
The landslide occurred after a bout of heavy rainfall in the area. Two people were killed in the disaster and four others remain missing.
On Thursday, the Pangrango train canceled one trip and ran its five other trips on an adjacent track that was not affected by the disaster. (dre)


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