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Singapore: Using technology to create a future-ready workforce and a sustainable land transportation sector

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13 March 2023 (Singapore)

The Land Transport Industry Transformation Plan (ITM) 2025 was introduced by Minister of Transportation Iswaran.

The updated Land Transport ITM, which was created by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in close cooperation with industry and union partners, 
seeks to create sustainable and resilient land transportation sector, workforce prepared for the future, and thriving ecosystem.

The Land Transport ITM 2025 will support the industry in navigating through the current hurdles of decarbonization and labour shortages. 

It seeks to accomplish three key goals:

a.    A Future-Ready Workforce 
b.    A Sustainable and Resilient Land Transport Sector 
c.     A Reliable and Cost-effective Transport System through Innovation & Technology


“Talent development and skills upgrading for workers remain key to the land transport sector’s transformation and resilience.  LTA is partnering the public transport operators and unions to equip workers with the skills to meet new challenges, so that our workforce remains productive and future-ready,”
Mr Chee Hong Tat,
Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport and Co-Chair of the Future Economy Council (FEC) Connectivity Cluster.


 "Co-innovation between the public and private sector can accelerate the development of a safer, more efficient, and future-ready land transport network. We encourage industry players to collaborate with LTA on platforms like the Land Transport Innovation Portal, and ideate and test-bed solutions for Singapore’s land transport challenges,” 
Mr Alex Hungate,
Chief Operating Officer, Grab and Co-Chair of the Future Economy Council (FEC) Connectivity Cluster.


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