Digital Rail straight measuring ruler for weld rail inspection gauge

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Digital Rail Straight Edge

Digital Rail Straight Edge is used for measuring vertical railway line rail abrasion and flank wear, it includes reference
positioning frame and installed on the framework of reference positioning auxiliary positioning screw and the depth of the rail vertical abrasion, side abrasion measured in feet, its structure is simple, intuitive and accurate measurement data, and upper and lower rapidly, operator safety, its light weight, convenient to carry.


Digital Rail Straight Measuring Ruler has the advantages of high measuring accuracy,easy to operate,LCD digital display etc.

Curve versine measuring box, is also called string box for railway curve measurement. It is a necessary tool for railway works construction. Curve positive vector measuring box is a regular work in rail line maintenance. In order to facilitate the work of the worker to complete this job, a new line curve positive vector measuring box has been development.
Feature Curve versine measuring box is a fine production, it is portable, pocket, and good looking. The box body resistant ABS material for yellow, and easy to operate.


Digital Straight Edge
Carbon Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
120*12*24 cm
Measurement range
Indication error
Measuring length


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