Railway ballast Tamper hydraulic Rail Tamping machine rail maintenance equipment

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YD-22 hydraulic Tamping Machine for track maintenance work

YD-22 hydraulic Tamping Machine is a kind of professional machinery used for railway line ballast tamping maintenance except for turnouts. It can be operated with train inervail time, without closing sections. It is equipped with three power modes. They are petrol, diesel and electric.

1.Engine types: Honda GX390 petrol engine or SF 190 diesel engine or electic engine.
2.It is sitbl for the tamping operation in the new constuction of ordinary railway lines and the large-scaie or medium-scale
railway line maintenance
3.It can complete the tamping operation of various types of concret seepers and wooden sleepers
4.Equipped with automatic rail clamping device
5.Equppped wih the f-tac walkin frame, the machine can be removed off at any place and any time
Power supply
Two- stroke petrol engine : 6.6kW
Working Pressure
Working efficiency
≥260 slepers/hour
Tamping insertion depth
90~120mm under seepers