Railway rolling digital track gauge for measuring rail distance digital rail ruler

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Product ID: GJC-TJG1

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Portable Rolling Track Gauge

Portable Rolling Track Gauge is mainly used for railway track gauge and super-elevation(cant), check rail gauge and back to back distance measurement.It can be used for track inspection and fine adjustment of rail gauge.This product has the advantages of fast measuring speed, stable pushing rod, easy to carry,and night-time and tunnel work,legible even in direct sunlight are supported.It is an ideal measuring tool for track fine-tuning, track construction,inspection and track laying.


The benefits of our rolling gauge :
1. Measure the track gauge, cant without bend over your back.
2. Light weight : around 6.5kg , one person operation.
3. BT connection, data uploading and analysis system.
4. High working efficiency. Save your man power. ( 1 man with 1 rolling gauge = 4 man with 4 normal digital track gauge)
Model (1435mm)
Track gauge
Superelevation measuring range
Display mode
OLED display and hand-held terminal display
Supply Voltage
DC3.4V~5.2V (rechargeable battery)
Superelevation division value
Working temperature
Insulation performance
Track gauge division value
Superelevation division value
Track gauge max indication error
Superelevation max indication error
Net Weight
Net Weight