Rail cutting disc for track cutter

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Product ID: NQG-5.8 cutter disc

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Cutting Discs Suitable for Stainless Steel

Cutting Disc for Aluminum are specifically designed to cut aluminum and other soft metals with ease. These aluminum cutting wheels are made with a proprietary blend of bonded silicon carbide and aluminum oxide abrasive grains which cuts fast, resists loading or “gumming up”, and remains cooler during use than standard metal cut off wheels. The Abrasives non-loading cut off wheels are thin but strong. Each disc features reinforced fiberglass mesh to support the ultra thin .045 inch profile. The .045” thickness allows fast cutting as well as minimal kerf or burr formation on the work piece. 6” Aluminum Cut Off Wheels are made to be used on an angle grinder and are effective at cutting copper, bronze, brass and other non-ferrous soft metals in addition to aluminum. These cut off discs are not recommended for more hardened metals.
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