RailAcoustic® Broken Rail Detection & Track Condition Monitoring

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The cutting-edge RailAcoustic® innovative IOT technology is successfully in operation at High-Speed-Rail since 2018 which is patented internationally through its fundamental methodologies. It is operated on a 90 km double-track stretch of the TCDD Konya High-Speed line, and now, the installation of the system continues for an 11 tunnel slab-track part (37 km) of the Sivas High-Speed line, to be integrated into the Siemens CTC system screens.


RailAcoustic® detects defects such as complete rail breaks and partial rail cracks, as well as other issues such as ballast washouts, floods, landslides, which are now more common due to rapidly changing climatic conditions. More importantly; the system works remotely, automatically, and detects abnormalities long before the train arrives in the monitored zone.  It is an "Acoustic Detection System" that provides full and real-time monitoring on its screens in the distant alarm monitoring center room. Beyond that, it has the potential to be the backbone of railway signaling globally, having the required technological fundamental design.


We have developed this detection technology which works with the principle of listening to the acoustic signal on the rails, with a very original effort. During our first studies that we initiated in 2013, we realized that collecting and processing acoustic data (BIG DATA) from rails has the potential to reveal a large number of critical information regarding rails and tracks. Until today, the damage and defects in the rails were struggled to be monitored with electrical sensors or intensive care programs all over the world. Due to the large margin of error of these methods in detecting the defects, their inability of continuous operation and having high costs, and as a result of the introduction of rail transportation systems that are getting faster day by day, and the increase of new security risks brought about by changing climatic conditions; it became necessary to develop new safety technologies that are more sensitive, real-time, and effective. With RailAcoustic® technology, we now offer a precise, effective, and economical technology solution to the whole world. Our innovative technology RailAcoustic® received the European Railway Cluster - ERCI 2020 Innovation Award. Beyond, RailAcoustic® is a high-tech product patented in the US, EU, Turkey, China, India, and Japan. We have the vision that our system can be utilized as the cornerstone of safer transportation infrastructure in railway enterprises all over the world, through the big data received from the rail-mounted sensors which were developed by our engineering team, and by processing this data with artificial intelligence algorithms. However, of course, we have to create the right fit synergies for bigger visions.