Driver/Crew Health Management System Solution for rolling stock

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Product ID: Driver Health Management System Solution for rolling stock

With the accelerated pace of work and increasing work efficiency, the body is highly susceptible to unhealthy states, such as passive lack of exercise, unreasonable diet, irregular work and rest, and high work pressure, which are all triggers for the Occurrence of diseases. Long-term overtime, staying up late, work stress, mental tension, and other long-term adverse factors lead to increased blood pressure, increased atherosclerosis and other conditions, and a fatal state. At present, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in China is still on the rise. The number of cardiovascular diseases is estimated to be 290 million, and the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease ranks first, higher than that of tumor and other diseases, accounting for more than 40% of the death composition of the population, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease can not be delayed.


Health all-in-one machine can detect blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, BMI, body fat, and many other body indicators, including the use of modern electronic technology and blood pressure indirect measurement principle of blood pressure measurement of medical equipment, measurement accuracy plus or minus 2mmHg, much higher than the industry standard plus or minus 5mmHg. Staff health testing through health all-in-one machines before going to work can significantly reduce the job to avoid accidents Occurrence, for units and individuals to provide escort.

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