Pantograph video surveillance system solution for rolling stock

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Product ID: RHV

The pantograph video surveillance system is used to monitor the operational status of the pantograph and contact network on the vehicle's roof in real-time during operation. And take into account the working state of high-voltage equipment near the pantograph; single-vehicle storage and centralized monitoring program are adopted between pantograph video monitoring systems of moving trains. The monitoring screen has digital video decoding and playback functions and displays the video monitoring screen of each pantograph and high-voltage component in a single-picture polling mode.

Pantograph camera for data acquisition, integrated camera, head, fill light, and heated glass near the pantograph on the roof. with gimbal control and motorized zoom function, with fill light suppression. For round-the-clock observation needs, working in both day and night conditions. The video surveillance images are collected in real-time and encoded for output and transmitted via Ethernet cable to the server in the carriage where the pantograph is located for recording and storage. Provides supplementary surveillance video and analysis images for the accompanying mechanics to deal with abnormal descending arch network faults.

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