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Have a job interview coming up? Pre-interview preparation Step


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Are you getting ready for a job interview? 

A practice run can provide you with the necessary preparation to ace the real thing.

A quick read-through of the Article published in RailFactor may also help you.

Your success in a job interview is heavily reliant on how well you prepare for it. Interview preparation primarily entails researching the job and the company, as well as carefully considering your responses to interview questions.

Listed 5 Pre-interview preparation Steps which may help to grab your dream job.

Review the job description Review the keywords and key phrases in job description
Refresh your skills and add certification
Are you eligibile Ask the questions.
Am I right fit.
Why the employer should hire you. 
Know the company Find out vision, mission, management, work culture and types of products/service. 
Prepare a list of expected interview questions Tell me about yourself.
Why are looking for a job change?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Update your social media profile Employers may look at your social media presence to get a sense of your personality and history.

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