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Whisper 200

The Whisper 200 is one of the most widely recognized Micro Wind Turbines in the world and has its roots in the Whisper turbine design from Southwest Wind Power (SWPP). It has been type tested and certified as per IEC 61400 for power performance, safety, and functional test by NIWE (National Institute for Wind Energy) which was formerly known as CWET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology. India). The turbine is among the most efficient wind turbines in its class, capable of generating power even at low wind speeds, with a wide range of functionality and applications. Since its initial launch, over a thousand Whisper 200 units have been installed globally, leaving its to mark as reliable and efficient Micro Wind Turbine.


Weatherproof Railway Telephone

Weatherproof Telephone Model:HZ-WP1502001 Size:356*273*125mm Material:SMC This Weatherproof telephone with full keypad for free dial and IP67 waterproof grade. The rotation mounting door also gives extra weather protection to the telephone. It is available in analog , VoIP and GSM version. 1. SMC housing with high mechanical strength and impact resistance. 2. Heavy duty handset with hearing aid compatible receiver, noise-canceling microphone. 3. Silicone rubber keypad and magnetic hook switch. 4. Full keypad with memory, 0-9 buttons can be programmed as speed dial button. Rotation mounting closure, weatherproof grade is IP67. 5. Beacon and loudspeaker option. 6. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21. 7. Powder-coated in UV stabilized polyester finish. 8. The size and style of the weatherproof telephone can be customized according to customer demand.


Waterproof Telephone

Waterproof Telephone Model:HZ-WP1502001HB Size: 356*273*125mm Material: SMC   The waterproof telephone has a built-in amplifier, which is connected to an external loudspeaker horn. The waterproof telephone for the harshest environments such as tunnel, drilling platform. It supports analogue / VoIP/ GSM version.   1. SMC housing with high mechanical strength and impact resistance. 2. Heavy duty handset with hearing aid compatible receiver, noise-canceling microphone. 3. Silicone rubber keypad and magnetic hook switch. 4. Full keypad with memory, 0-9 buttons can be programmed as speed dial button. 5. Rotation mounting closure, weatherproof grade is IP67. 6. Beacon and loudspeaker option. 7. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21. 8. Powder coated in UV stabilized polyester finish. 9. The size and style of waterproof telephone can be customized according to customer demand.


Video Surveillance Server/NVR

Functions: ①. the video monitoring system can be real-time collection and storage of images of the public area in the carriage of this car, storage time of not less than 30 days. ②. The system adopts a universal video format. It automatically stores a file every 10min. The screen is marked with train number, camera position number, time, and date—adjacent files of video continuous uninterrupted, per the principle of chronological first-in-first-out cyclic coverage. ③. When the power is disconnected, ensure that the system is expected to shut down to ensure the integrity of the stored data. ④. the video recording of data has measures to prevent data tampering. ⑤. When the authorized device is connected to the video surveillance server, the display interface in automatic mode in the form of four split screens automatically takes turns to display the monitoring screen of the train, two screens per train. When the number of cameras is less than two screens, the second quad-screen extra blank partition displays the text "blank here." When the camera fails to show a black screen, at the same time should display the fault indication. In manual mode, you can select a live camera screen of the train; this time, the camera screen full-screen display. Specification: (1).Set up one RJ45 interface for display, inquiry, and download of authorized external devices. (2).Software screen corresponds to the camera: screen 1 corresponds to the camera of one corner through the station; screen 2 corresponds to the camera of two corners through the station; screen 3 corresponds to the camera of one end of the guest room; screen 4 corresponds to the camera of two lots of the guest room; screen 5 corresponds to the camera of three corners through the station; screen 6 corresponds to the camera of four corners through the station. (3).The video surveillance server is equipped with an 8-way Ethernet interface in DB9 for communication between the camera and the video surveillance server. Other interfaces use cage spring terminals. (4).The video surveillance server adopts a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk. The hard disk bracket adopts anti-vibration technology, which can effectively reduce the damage to the hard disk when reading and writing from the car body vibration. Storage data frame rate of 10 frames/second, screenshot clarity of 720 × 576, each video surveillance server stores a total capacity of not less than 30 days of data. Hard disk configuration is not less than "the number of hard disks with a 1TB 2pc / train". Set the storage module to install the hard disk fixed and protection. (5).The disassembly and installation of the storage module should be convenient and have anti-theft measures. It is appropriate to use anti-misplaced quick connectors and meet the 600 times trouble-free plugging requirements. The hard disk should not be damaged when the system is plugged or unplugged when the power is on. (6).DC24V power supply for the camera, with a power fluctuation range: DC24±1V. Power supply capacity ≮60W. Total input power of the server: ≯ 150W. (7).The video monitoring server is equipped with M5×25 GB/T5783-2000 grounding bolts and a complete set of M5 stainless steel fasteners, all made of stainless steel. And there are apparent grounding markings.  


Telephone Hood

Telephone Hood Model: HZ-AH1508003 Size: 800*690*475mm Material: GRP The telephone hood has been robustly designed for use in industrial, and noisy environments or where privacy is required. 1. Anti-corrosive material: glass reinforced plastics (GRP), SUS304 /316 mounting bracket. 2. It helps to absorb ambient sound up to 15dB. 3. Flame resistant insulation and robust design, up to 50kg of equipment can be carried. 4. Color standard blue (other colors available). 5. The size and style of acoustic hood can be customized according to customer demand. 6. Beacon and LED lamp option. 7. UV resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor or where privacy is required.  


Taxi Station Telephone System

Taxi Station Telephone System Regarding taxi telephone service, the HeoZ team has developed an emergency telephone system suitable for taxi station, bus station, and transport center, including installation accessories. This VoIP taxi station telephone system can function with multiple indoor and outdoor and can communicate with each specific intercom station individually. With the functions of call holding, call transfer, call recording, and intercom.                   HeoZ Taxi station telephone system features:     The HeoZ taxi telephone system operate on standard SIP protocol, it is fully extensible. Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems. The height of telephone stand column can be customized, video call is an option. Hands-free speaking in clear audio quality. PoE powered, requiring no additional power supply. Appearance, LOGO, and functions can be customized. All other features as mentioned under VoIP emergency telephone system shall be available in this system too


Remote video surveillance system solution for locomotive

The remote video monitoring system for locomotive operation consists of a road camera, a driver's room camera, a machinery room camera, a pickup, an audio/video capture board 1, an audio/video capture board 2, an audio/video processing board, connectors and cables. The system consists of a road camera, a driver's room camera, a machine room camera, a sound picker, an audio/video capture board 1, an audio/video capture board 2, an audio/video processing board, connectors, and cables. The system is designed to ensure the safety of locomotive operations.


RC Track - Solar CCTV Surveillance System with LTE-Router and Battery

The solar video surveillance system was specially developed for an application without power supply and network connection for railroad use. This system is the ideal and cost-effective solution for video surveillance, at locations without existing infrastructure. The RAILWAY CONTROLLING models can be used in all locations where sunlight and mobile phone reception are available. All models meet strict security requirements. Track Track monitoring of trains and possible barriers on the track. Furthermore, entering of persons can be detected and an alarm can be triggered in real time. Weather Monitor current environmental conditions and act quickly and effectively in case of bad weather. Tunnel portal Receive a notification when people or animals enter the tunnel portal and trigger an automatic acoustic alarm.


Railway Compliant Electronic Equipment Development

  Whenever you are looking for a commercial off the shelf solution without success: We can develop the product you need exactly matched to your reuirements. We start with your first idea and we will engineer until the certified product is done. And we will care about the production and life cycle for the next decades. What's your benefit? You will deal with just one vendor. You will get all services you need from a single source. You can rely on more of 50 exerienced engineers und lots of expertise, We are used to deal with train products and reglatory rules. No multi-vendor delays and interface friction. No fingerpointig between suppliers. Our goal is to provide your product in the best quality - so we get things done.


RailAcoustic® Broken Rail Detection & Track Condition Monitoring

The cutting-edge RailAcoustic® innovative IOT technology is successfully in operation at High-Speed-Rail since 2018 which is patented internationally through its fundamental methodologies. It is operated on a 90 km double-track stretch of the TCDD Konya High-Speed line, and now, the installation of the system continues for an 11 tunnel slab-track part (37 km) of the Sivas High-Speed line, to be integrated into the Siemens CTC system screens.   RailAcoustic® detects defects such as complete rail breaks and partial rail cracks, as well as other issues such as ballast washouts, floods, landslides, which are now more common due to rapidly changing climatic conditions. More importantly; the system works remotely, automatically, and detects abnormalities long before the train arrives in the monitored zone .  It is an " Acoustic Detection System " that provides full and real-time monitoring on its screens in the distant alarm monitoring center room. Beyond that, it has the potential to be the backbone of railway signaling globally, having the required technological fundamental design.   We have developed this detection technology which works with the principle of listening to the acoustic signal on the rails, with a very original effort. During our first studies that we initiated in 2013, we realized that collecting and processing acoustic data ( BIG DATA ) from rails has the potential to reveal a large number of critical information regarding rails and tracks. Until today, the damage and defects in the rails were struggled to be monitored with electrical sensors or intensive care programs all over the world. Due to the large margin of error of these methods in detecting the defects, their inability of continuous operation and having high costs, and as a result of the introduction of rail transportation systems that are getting faster day by day, and the increase of new security risks brought about by changing climatic conditions ; it became necessary to develop new safety technologies that are more sensitive, real-time, and effective. With RailAcoustic® technology, we now offer a precise, effective, and economical technology solution to the whole world. Our innovative technology RailAcoustic® received the European Railway Cluster - ERCI 2020 Innovation Award . Beyond, RailAcoustic® is a high-tech product patented in the US, EU, Turkey, China, India, and Japan . We have the vision that our system can be utilized as the cornerstone of safer transportation infrastructure in railway enterprises all over the world, through the big data received from the rail-mounted sensors which were developed by our engineering team, and by processing this data with artificial intelligence algorithms. However, of course, we have to create the right fit synergies for bigger visions.


Passenger train onboard cctv system solution

The video monitoring system is used to monitor the public area in the carriage; to store the collected video information in real-time; to use external authorized terminal equipment for single carriage preview, query, playback, and download functions;Dome network cameras are installed inside the carriage, and panoramic network cameras are installed vestibule to collect video images in real-time and encode the output. Transmission via Ethernet cable to the video surveillance server in the compartment where the camera is located for recording and storage. There is no network or centralized monitoring between carriages, and a single car storage solution is used.