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Acoustic Hood

Acoustic Hood Model:HZ-AH1508001 Size:780*680*500mm Material: GRP The acoustic hood is manufactured from glass reinforced polyester materials, suitable for marine, oil & gas environment, newspaper print room etc. 1. Anti-corrosive material: glass reinforced plastics (GRP), SUS304 /316 mounting bracket and mounting plate. 2. Perfect sound insulation is suitable for the noise-sensitive area, up to 23dB noise reduction. 3. Flame resistant insulation and robust design, up to 50kg of equipment can be carried. 4. Color standard yellow (other colors available). 5. The size and style of acoustic hood can be customized according to customer demand. 6. Beacon and LED lamp option. 7. UV resistant and suitable for outdoor and harsh environment.


Airport Telephone System

Airport Telephone System The airport is part of the public transportation network, and this public space is busy almost every day. Whether it is airport employees or arriving and departing passengers, a large amount of information and communication is required, especially in special situations or emergencies. HeoZ airport telephone system providing real-time communication that can protect passengers, staff, aircraft, and airport property from accidental, malicious harm, terrorism, and other threats during an emergency.                    HeoZ Airport telephone system features: The Airport telephone system supports free to dial, hotline, group call, call holding, call waiting, call transfer, and call recording. PoE powered, requiring no additional power supply. It is easy to integrate with CCTV system, fire alarm system. Appearance, Logo, and functions can be customized. Two-way video call is available. MTBF for airport public telephone system can be over 100,000hours. All other features as mentioned under VoIP emergency telephone system shall be available in this system too.


Driver/Crew Health Management System Solution for rolling stock

With the accelerated pace of work and increasing work efficiency, the body is highly susceptible to unhealthy states, such as passive lack of exercise, unreasonable diet, irregular work and rest, and high work pressure, which are all triggers for the Occurrence of diseases. Long-term overtime, staying up late, work stress, mental tension, and other long-term adverse factors lead to increased blood pressure, increased atherosclerosis and other conditions, and a fatal state. At present, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in China is still on the rise. The number of cardiovascular diseases is estimated to be 290 million, and the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease ranks first, higher than that of tumor and other diseases, accounting for more than 40% of the death composition of the population, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease can not be delayed.   Health all-in-one machine can detect blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, BMI, body fat, and many other body indicators, including the use of modern electronic technology and blood pressure indirect measurement principle of blood pressure measurement of medical equipment, measurement accuracy plus or minus 2mmHg, much higher than the industry standard plus or minus 5mmHg. Staff health testing through health all-in-one machines before going to work can significantly reduce the job to avoid accidents Occurrence, for units and individuals to provide escort.


Embedded Controller EC-L

Processor ARM Cortex-A7, i.MX 6UL, 528MHz Internal Memory • Flash: 512 MB • SRAM: 512 MB • EEPROM: 256 KB • EEPROM: 4 KB • SD card Real Time Clock (RTC) the guaranteed buffering time is 12h Communication Interfaces • 2x CAN (1Mbit/s) • 2x Ethernet (100Mbit/s) • Serial debug (UART; 3.3V level; 115.200 Baud) Digital inputs • 32x digital input, 24V logic, low-active Digital Outputs • 32x digital output, Open-Drain Analog inputs ( voltage ) • 1x, 0 – 10V, 12 Bit Analog inputs ( current ) • 1x, 0 – 20mA, 12 Bit Analog outputs ( voltage ) • 1x, 0 – 10V, 12 Bit Dimensions W x H x D ca. 300 x 27 x 133 mm


Embedded Controller EC-S

Processor ARM Cortex M3, 120MHz Internal Memory • Flash: 1024 kByte • SRAM: 128 kByte • Data EEPROM: 128 kByte • EEPROM: 128 Byte Real Time Clock (RTC) the guaranteed buffering time is 12h Communication Interfaces • 2x CAN (1Mbit/s) • 1x Ethernet (100Mbit/s) • Serial debug (UART; 3.3V level; 115.200 Baud) • Additional communication interfaces    2x UART, 1x I2C, 1x SPI, 5x GPIO,    1x ADC, 1x DAC Digital inputs • 12x digital input, 24V logic Digital Outputs • 12x digital output, Open-Drain Analog inputs ( voltage ) ./. ‚ Analog inputs ( current ) • 2x,  0 – 20 mA, 12 Bit Analog outputs ( voltage ) ./. Dimensions W x H x D ca. 74mm x 44mm x 115mm   Please contact us for software tool chain information.


Emergency Outdoor Telephone

Emergency Outdoor Telephone Model:HZ-WP1502010 Size:392*180*140mm Material:Aluminium alloy die-casting shell Aluminium alloy die-casting shell with high mechanical strength and impact resistance. Heavy-duty handset with hearing aid compatible receiver, noise-canceling microphone. Metal keypad keeps robust and vandal proof. Support echo cancellation. The weatherproof grade is IP65/IP66. Beacon and loudspeaker option. Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21. Powder-coated in UV stabilized polyester finish. The size and style of the emergency outdoor telephone can be customized according to customer demand.  


Emergency telephone OEM ODM customized services

We provide a wide range of emergency communication solutions include: emergency telephone systems, tunnel telephone systems, blue light emergency telephone systems, subway telephone systems, highway telephone systems, prison telephone systems, car parking lot intercom systems, industrial telephone systems, etc. HeoZ technical team is trained professionals and offer 24/7 customer support. HeoZ Team welcomes your questions, comments, suggestions, and compliments. We appreciate your valued feedback and will use it to make improving our service. For more information please send an email to and one of our technology consultants will contact you.    


Fire&Video surveillance for diesel locomotive

The fire monitoring warning system for diesel locomotive integrates fire prevention and high-definition video surveillance in one; this system's early warning, alarm, and monitoring functions are genuinely brought into play—monitoring processes. A great solution to the safety needs of the diesel locomotive in practical use. The need for safety in the actual operation of internal combustion locomotives.


FRP seats

FRP Seats for metro and buss      


Fully Automated & Real-time Pantograph Monitoring

    The PantoSystem is a fully automated pantograph monitoring system that operates 24/7, without any service disruptions to daily operation. The system uses a combination of AI, advanced algorithms, and ultra-high-speed 3D laser scanner for fully automatic recording, analysis, detection, and storage of all types of pantograph defects and damages incl. carbon wear, cracking, chipping, missing components, and structural deformations. This provides real-time data and alarms on defect pantographs, ensuring the availability of the rolling stocks and enhancing fleet performance.