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Gesture Sensor & Push Button WTL Touchless "WC"

Description : The WTL button series is used to trigger a switching function with a finger pressure or a non-contact gesture with the hand (e.g. "waving movement") directly in front of the button surface. Examples of use are in the toilet cabin in passenger trains for triggering - Toilet flushing - hand dryer - hand wash water - Opening / closing / locking the toilet cabin door The additional function, for which a patent is pending, enables integration into buttons for external doors.


IR Light Reflection Sensor - Liquid Level Sensor

General Description • Smart optoelectronic sensor • Very low ambient-light susceptibility due to Lock-In algorithm • Operation temperature range between -40°C .. +55°C • 24VDC +30% / -50% input voltage range • Complies to EN 50155 • Complies to EN 45545-2 Applications, Intended Use The IR Light Reflection Sensor is intended to recognize liquids in rolling stock applications. The customer is responsible for proper validation of the specific application and the liquids used. The IR Light Reflection Sensor is provided by m-u-t in a fixed packaging unit of 100pcs. and has to be prepared individually for the integration into an apparatus or the making available to the end-user by the legal manufacturer (customer). Please ask us for quotes.


FRP seats

FRP Seats for metro and buss      


RC Track - Solar CCTV Surveillance System with LTE-Router and Battery

The solar video surveillance system was specially developed for an application without power supply and network connection for railroad use. This system is the ideal and cost-effective solution for video surveillance, at locations without existing infrastructure. The RAILWAY CONTROLLING models can be used in all locations where sunlight and mobile phone reception are available. All models meet strict security requirements. Track Track monitoring of trains and possible barriers on the track. Furthermore, entering of persons can be detected and an alarm can be triggered in real time. Weather Monitor current environmental conditions and act quickly and effectively in case of bad weather. Tunnel portal Receive a notification when people or animals enter the tunnel portal and trigger an automatic acoustic alarm.


Pantograph video surveillance system solution for rolling stock

The pantograph video surveillance system is used to monitor the operational status of the pantograph and contact network on the vehicle's roof in real-time during operation. And take into account the working state of high-voltage equipment near the pantograph; single-vehicle storage and centralized monitoring program are adopted between pantograph video monitoring systems of moving trains. The monitoring screen has digital video decoding and playback functions and displays the video monitoring screen of each pantograph and high-voltage component in a single-picture polling mode. Pantograph camera for data acquisition, integrated camera, head, fill light, and heated glass near the pantograph on the roof. with gimbal control and motorized zoom function, with fill light suppression. For round-the-clock observation needs, working in both day and night conditions. The video surveillance images are collected in real-time and encoded for output and transmitted via Ethernet cable to the server in the carriage where the pantograph is located for recording and storage. Provides supplementary surveillance video and analysis images for the accompanying mechanics to deal with abnormal descending arch network faults.


Mobile Video Surveillance Device for Railway Coaches&EMUs

The mobile video monitoring device for railway carriage and high-speed train should monitor the public areas in the carriages, store the collected video and audio information in real-time, and have a query, playback, and download functions using external authorized equipment. According to the standard technical documents of the railway carriage and high-speed train mobile video surveillance device, the installation seat should be fixed in the vehicle end wall, the main body of the video surveillance device set in the installation seat conveniently, using the vehicle power supply, stand-alone storage mode of video surveillance device. Advantage: Convenient disassembly method, using vehicle power supply, dual memory card cycle coverage video storage. Advantage: Convenient disassembly method, using vehicle power supply, dual memory card cycle coverage video storage.   Specification: No. Item Technical Parameters l Sensor CMOS,Progressive scan over 2 million pixels 2 Focus f:2.4mm~6.4mm 3 Aperture F:2.0~3.25 4 Resolution Support 1920×1080/1280×720 adjustable 5 FPS Support 60fps, 30fps and 25fps adjustable 6 Electronic gyroscope 3 axis 7 Audio/Video Synchronization Out-of-step time of audio and video signals is less than or equal to 300ms 8 Storage Media Read speed greater than 8OMByte / s, write speed greater than 20MByte / s, erasable not less than 3000 times, The number of times of plugging and unplugging without failure is more significant than 2000 times. 9 Perspective The monitoring device can adjust the angle to meet the requirements of the monitoring viewing angle. 10 WDR ≥54dB 11 SNR ≥52dB 12 Recording mode With automatic exposure, automatic white balance, white balance automatic conversion time is not more than 3s 13 Infra-red night vision With infrared night vision fill light, infrared adaptive; Effective infrared night vision distance of 5m at 0.1LUX can see the facial features of people, 10m range can see the outline of the human body. 14 File format Video encoding format H.264 or H.265, MP4, AVI format output available, image naming information can be superimposed; audio encoding format AAC, audio encapsulation format WAV or MP3; photo format at least support JPEG. 15 Information browsing, retrieval, and playback Support the function of audio and video browsing and playback by time, etc. as the search method 16 Data loss prevention function In the recording process, in case of external power failure, the device automatically saves the recorded data before shutting down; the recorded data cannot be lost or damaged after restarting in case of abnormal conditions. 17 timing With the calibration function, the time and standard time error should be less than or equal to 3s / day. 18 Operation Tip and status indications With on/off prompting function can display the recording status, system time, storage capacity, and other information. 19 Interface With : (a) USB3.0 interface:for downloading data. (b) Ethernet interface: for external authorized terminals to set parameters, update the system and download data, etc. (c) storage media interface: used for plugging and replacing storage media. (d) Vehicle power supply access interface:Used to access vehicle power supply and provide power for the device. 20 Power Supply DC9~36VDC18~75VDC48~160V 21 Size Less than 15Omm×120mm×10Omm,confirmed by design. 22 Weight 1000g 23 Marking With unique device code 24 Lifespan No less than 12 years for video capture and storage units, no less than 30 years for shields, mounts, side covers, and no less than 12 years for cables, connectors, and connection terminals. 25 POWER ≤10W 26 IP Class Not less than IP54 27 IK Class Not less than IKO8    


Onboard Video Surveillance Server for Locomotives

The product integrates multi-channel HD surveillance and recording, fire alarm, 4G/5G module, multi-control serial port, nap module (extension), fire suppression control (extension), and intelligent video analysis (extension) into one smart device. Advantage: The video safety surveillance system applies video information technology to the work of operational vehicles and can provide the means for safety supervision, active assistance, and accident disposal. It provides objective evidence and data for functional and accident analysis. It helps to improve the safety and management of operational vehicles—a video safety surveillance system for the operation of working vehicles built based on video information technology. It can be used in various tasks such as driver control of work vehicles, contact network operation assistance and supervision, equipment condition monitoring, additional passenger inspection, emergency and accident analysis.   Specification: (1) Appearance size compatible with the existing VL3 video all-in-one, NVR + 10.1" capacitive touch screen integrated design, resolution support 1280X800, built-in speaker 4Ω3W, with MIC input interface, keep external MIC. (2) All-in-one machine with 16-way 100 megabit IPC network port, 1-gigabit network port, cascade between two all-in-one machines through a gigabit network to achieve mutual backup of data and images fire prevention, and other information for joint preview display. (3) Hard disk box with built-in anti-vibration device, external anti-theft hard disk lock, SATA interface, supporting TB-class large-capacity hard disk. (4) Integrated all-in-one 4G/5G network module, with data remote transmission function, external Wi-Fi, GPS/BD module. (5)With 2-way RS485 interface with isolation, support for connecting to locomotive TAX box to obtain LKJ locomotive information function. (6) With the function of connecting fire prevention module to realize the access of analog detectors; with the operation of fire alarm reset, which can be reset manually. (7) All-in-one machine supports USB3.0, with U disk external and dump function. (8) external power input interface, video input interface, external display interface, GPS antenna interface, RS232/RS485 interface, 8-way switching signal input interface. (9) power supply using industrial-grade isolated power supply module, power supply anti-reverse connection, anti-over-voltage; voltage range of DC48V ~ 135V (for DC110V vehicles); voltage range of DC15V ~ 36V (for DC24V vehicles), instant power failure without damage to the video. (10) Support 1920X1080 camera access; driver's room camera supports external pickup. (11) With the self-test function, it can monitor the front-end camera, detection equipment, hard disk, and other equipment status and line problems in real-time and carry out voice prompts and screen character superimposed display function. (12) reserved 8-way I/O interface, 3-way 232 interfaces, 2-way 485 interfaces, which can extend the locomotive fire extinguishing device, secured CAN bus module, and 6A system communication, to achieve seamless connection with 6A system. (13) Equipped with DC24V independent controllable power supply output interface. (14) With DC12V independent power supply output interface. (15) Independent design of each module, easy to maintain, all-metal box type integrated structure design. (16) Super anti-electromagnetic interference capability. The module can be used in a contact vehicle. (17) used in contact network cars, according to the requirements of the General Administration of Railways,  storage needs to be stored by the format of N9M, video download, and U disk download by the General Administration of Railway's design for naming. View the video on PC also by the format called by the Railway General. (18) All-in-one machine support remote upgrade, support video masking, motion detection, and many other alarm functions. (19) All interfaces are professionally anti-vibration and anti-loosening.  


Video Surveillance Server/NVR

Functions: ①. the video monitoring system can be real-time collection and storage of images of the public area in the carriage of this car, storage time of not less than 30 days. ②. The system adopts a universal video format. It automatically stores a file every 10min. The screen is marked with train number, camera position number, time, and date—adjacent files of video continuous uninterrupted, per the principle of chronological first-in-first-out cyclic coverage. ③. When the power is disconnected, ensure that the system is expected to shut down to ensure the integrity of the stored data. ④. the video recording of data has measures to prevent data tampering. ⑤. When the authorized device is connected to the video surveillance server, the display interface in automatic mode in the form of four split screens automatically takes turns to display the monitoring screen of the train, two screens per train. When the number of cameras is less than two screens, the second quad-screen extra blank partition displays the text "blank here." When the camera fails to show a black screen, at the same time should display the fault indication. In manual mode, you can select a live camera screen of the train; this time, the camera screen full-screen display. Specification: (1).Set up one RJ45 interface for display, inquiry, and download of authorized external devices. (2).Software screen corresponds to the camera: screen 1 corresponds to the camera of one corner through the station; screen 2 corresponds to the camera of two corners through the station; screen 3 corresponds to the camera of one end of the guest room; screen 4 corresponds to the camera of two lots of the guest room; screen 5 corresponds to the camera of three corners through the station; screen 6 corresponds to the camera of four corners through the station. (3).The video surveillance server is equipped with an 8-way Ethernet interface in DB9 for communication between the camera and the video surveillance server. Other interfaces use cage spring terminals. (4).The video surveillance server adopts a 2.5-inch SATA hard disk. The hard disk bracket adopts anti-vibration technology, which can effectively reduce the damage to the hard disk when reading and writing from the car body vibration. Storage data frame rate of 10 frames/second, screenshot clarity of 720 × 576, each video surveillance server stores a total capacity of not less than 30 days of data. Hard disk configuration is not less than "the number of hard disks with a 1TB 2pc / train". Set the storage module to install the hard disk fixed and protection. (5).The disassembly and installation of the storage module should be convenient and have anti-theft measures. It is appropriate to use anti-misplaced quick connectors and meet the 600 times trouble-free plugging requirements. The hard disk should not be damaged when the system is plugged or unplugged when the power is on. (6).DC24V power supply for the camera, with a power fluctuation range: DC24±1V. Power supply capacity ≮60W. Total input power of the server: ≯ 150W. (7).The video monitoring server is equipped with M5×25 GB/T5783-2000 grounding bolts and a complete set of M5 stainless steel fasteners, all made of stainless steel. And there are apparent grounding markings.  


Driver/Crew Health Management System Solution for rolling stock

With the accelerated pace of work and increasing work efficiency, the body is highly susceptible to unhealthy states, such as passive lack of exercise, unreasonable diet, irregular work and rest, and high work pressure, which are all triggers for the Occurrence of diseases. Long-term overtime, staying up late, work stress, mental tension, and other long-term adverse factors lead to increased blood pressure, increased atherosclerosis and other conditions, and a fatal state. At present, the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in China is still on the rise. The number of cardiovascular diseases is estimated to be 290 million, and the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease ranks first, higher than that of tumor and other diseases, accounting for more than 40% of the death composition of the population, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular disease can not be delayed.   Health all-in-one machine can detect blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, BMI, body fat, and many other body indicators, including the use of modern electronic technology and blood pressure indirect measurement principle of blood pressure measurement of medical equipment, measurement accuracy plus or minus 2mmHg, much higher than the industry standard plus or minus 5mmHg. Staff health testing through health all-in-one machines before going to work can significantly reduce the job to avoid accidents Occurrence, for units and individuals to provide escort.